KATAKLYSM - epic - the poetry of war

DEATHCRIPTION The seventh release of the Canadian hyperblasters Kataklysm finally on black gold! As   you   might   expect   this   album   is   just   as   brutal   and   drum   dominated   as   their   previous   releases   but   there   are also   plenty   of   powerful   guitar   riffs   to   be   enjoyed.      Their   style   of   death   metal   is   quite   unique   in   the   world   and that   is   probably   also   the   reason   why   their   music   has   been   labeled   as   "Northern   Hyperblast".      Sure,   that doesn't   really   give   you   much   information   about   what   it   actually   sounds   like,   but   fans   of   the   band   know   for sure and if you are into extreme metal of one kind or another you have to have heard of Kataklysm.  This   may   not   be   their   most   astonishing   release   but   it   is   still   worth   purchasing   for   old   fans   of   the   blasting Canadians.  FORMAT Gatefold-LP cat.-no: AR042 edition: 566 black LPs / 100 green-silver marbled LPs / 250 Pic-LPs EAN: 4260070630422 TRACKLIST SIDE A: 1. Il Diavolo In Me 2. Damnation Is Here 3. Era Of The Mercyless (Roma: Part I) 4. As The Glorious Weep (Roma: Part II) 5. Shivers Of A New World SIDE B: 1. Manipulator Of Souls 2. Wounds 3. What We Endure 4. When Time Stands Still RELEASEDATE  24th May 2012