KATAKLYSM - sorcery

DEATHCRIPTION "Sorcery"   is   hell   of   a   brutal,   insane   and   epic   album   with   occult   lyrical   content,   it   causes   vicious   and   morbid feelings.   "Sorcery"   is   NOT   catchy,   this   is   true   "Northern   Hyperblast"!   An   excellent   death   metal   record   of   its genre,   and   one   of   exceptionally   high   caliber   for   its   period,   a   real   masterpiece   from   1995.   This   album   stood the   test   of   time,   and   it   is   hard   to   find   anything   comparable.   Nothing   like   the   Kataklysm   of   today,   "sorcery"   is   a million   miles   away   from   this!   This   album   is   sheer   insanity,   and   be   warned,   it's   definitely   not   for   everyone:   you will either love sorcery or hate it. The total pressing is limited to 666 copies, housed in a 350gr Gatefoldcover (with a few layout changes) and black anti-static inner sleeve. First 100 copies are on clear blue/black marbled vinyl for our Die Hard maniacs. FORMAT Gatefold-LP cat.-no: AR050 edition: 666 copies (566 black + 100 clear blue/black marbled LPs), 250 Pic-LPs EAN: 4260070630507 TRACKLIST Side A: 1. Sorcery (Kataklysm, Pt. 2) 2. Mould in a Breed (Chapter I - Bestial Propagation) 3. Whirlwind of Withered Blossoms (Chapter II - Forgotten Ancestors) 4. Feeling the Neverworld (Chapter III - An Infinite Transmigration) Side B: 5. Elder God 6. Garden of Dreams (Chapter I - Supernatural Appearance) 7.O nce... Upon Possession (Chapter II - Legacy of Both Lores) 8. Dead Zygote (Chapter III - Dethroned Son) 9.W orld of Treason (Instrumental Vibrations) RELEASEDATE  15th July 2014