KATAKLYSM - the mystical gate of reincarnation

DEATHCRIPTION "The   Mystical   Gate   of   Reincarnation"   is   an   EP   from   the   golden   era   of   Kataklysm,   originally   released   in   1993.   It features   4   tracks   of   intense   music   that   destroys   everything:   3   tracks   from   the   not   very   widely   distributed demo "The Death Gate Cycle Of Reincarnation" and a killer bonus track called "The Orb Of Uncreation". Listen   to   the   exceptional   drumming   on   this   album   and   you´ll   understand   why   Kataklysm   is   called   the northern   hyperblast!   Musically   this   album   entrances   the   listener   in   the   midst   of   a   universe   of   disgruntled howls,   bass-heavy   overlays,   unyielding   tempo   changes,   brutally   grinding   guitar   patterns,   and   technically precise   and   passionate   drum   work.   The   songs   have   absolutely   no   structure,   it   seems   even   a   verse   /   chorus concept doesn´t exist. The lyrics are sung so fast they are impossible to follow even with the booklet. This   re-issue   is   an   edition   of   666   LPs,   the   first   100   copies   on   rust-coloured   vinyl.   It   is   an   one-sided   LP   with   a laser engraving on side B. The Vinyls are housed in a 350gr Gatefoldcover and black anti-static inner sleeve. FORMAT Gatefold-LP cat.-no: AR051 edition: 666 copies (566 black + 100 rust-coloured/black marbled LPs), 250 Pic-LPs EAN: 4260070630514 TRACKLIST Side A: 1 - Frozen In Time (Chapter I Will Of Suicide) 2 - Mystical Plane Of Evil (Chapter II Enigma Of The Unknown) 3 - Shrine Of Life (Chapter III Reborn Through Death) 4 - The Orb Of Uncreation Side B: laser engraving RELEASEDATE  19th February 2015