TIAMAT - the scarred people

DEATHCRIPTION In November 2012, Tiamat released their tenth album "The Scarred People". Predominantly in hypnotic mid- tempo, Tiamat are in absolute top form! The harshness of earlier Metal days is missing on this album entirely, it would only disturb the dark spiritual atmosphere of this musical jewel. "The Scarred People" offers a deeply immersive, addictive listening experience and is now available for the first time as an audio cassette in a limited edition of 300 pieces. The tape version contains four bonus tracks and comes on chrome tape. Playing time: 68 min! FORMAT Cassette Tape cat.-no: AR090 edition: 300 copies EAN: 4260070630903 TRACKLIST SIDE A: The Scarred People Winter Dawn 384 Radiant Star The Sun Also Rises Before Another Wilbury Dies Love Terrorists Messinian Letter SIDE B: Thunder & Lightning Tiznit Born To Die (Bonus Track) The Red Of The Morning Sun Paradise (Bonus Track) Divided (Live, Bonus Track) Cain (Live, Bonus Track) RELEASEDATE 14th December 2018