AGATHOCLES - mincing through the maples

DEATHCRIPTION THERE´S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR SPEAKERS - IT´S ONLY MINCECORE FROM HELLGIUM! AGATHOCLES   was   founded   in   1985   and   released   countless   records   so   far.   So,   maybe   for   some   people   this output   doesn´t   have   any   meaning   at   all   because   it   is   just   another   AGx   record   in   their   eyes.   We   are   aware that!   Nevertheless,   we   have   to   release   this   noise!   Respect   and   support   to   Agathocles,   because   “grind   is protest”! For   me   (Andy)   this   is   a   record   to   fulfill   an   approx.   25   years   old   dream.   I´m   a   huge   fan   of   AG   noise   since   I   was a   teenager.   I   collected   all   their   records…   ok,   at   least   I   tried   it   during   the   first   years…   later   I   had   to   give   up because   of   lack   of   money…   Thanks   to   Jan   AG   for   trusting   in   Animate   Records   and   giving   us   the   possibility   to release this record. Thank you, brother! This   record   has   a   special   meaning   to   Agathocles   as   well:   In   August   2015   Jan   AG   contacted   us   regarding   a release   to   say   thanks   to   all   the   people   who´ve   been   so   helpful,   caring   and   supportive   when   the   band   played in   Toronto   2015.   Agathocles   had   much   trouble   with   the   US   government   there.   You   can   read   the   full   story   at the liner notes written by Jan AG. "Mincing    through    the    maples"    contains    some    great    raw    Agathocles    tracks    that    were    recorded    live    on Wednesday   19th   August   2015   at   the   "Coalition"   club   in   Toronto,   Canada.   Many   of   the   favorite   Agathocles songs are in the setlist and the sound captures all the spirit of this gig. FORMAT Gatefold LP cat.-no: AR057 edition: 500 copies (300 black, 100 clear red, 100 Pic-LPs) EAN: 4260070630576 Digipak CD cat.-no: AR056 edition: 500 copies EAN: 4260070630569 cassette tape cat.-no: AR055 EAN: 4260070630552 TRACKLIST SIDE A: 1) COMMENCE TO MINCE 2) ELECTRIFARCE 3) GRIND IS PROTEST 4) NOT A BIT 5) BIG FLAT CAGES 6) ONLY FRICTION 7) WHO CARES 8) CARVED FACE FASHION 9) WHY DO THEY GAGGLE? 10) INTERRUPTED 11) NOISE ABATEMENT CRUSADERS 12) BANG BANG 13) HEAR MORE 14) UNTIL IT BLEEDS 15) LAY OFF ME 16) SPLATTERED BRAINS 17) AXE THE TAX 18) CHRISTIANITY MEANS TYRANNY 19) CHRONIC DEATH SIDE B: 1) ANARCHIST SPECTRUM DISORDER 2) RAZOR SHARP DAGGERS 3) MUTILATED REGURGITATOR 4) NO USE…HATRED 5) GALLOWS EVE 6) ULKOPUOLINEN 7) BATHING IN HATE 8) GO FUCKING NIHILIST 9) WILL GONE, LOBOTOMY DONE 10) AND THE LOOSER IS 11) KOROSO 12) OSL 13) OPEN THE GATES 14) LABELISATION 15) A FOR ARROGANCE 16) STRAIGHT LANE RELEASEDATE 30th April 2016