BLOODBATH - nightmares made flesh

DEATHCRIPTION "Nightmares   Made   Flesh"   is   the   second   full   length   album   by   Bloodbath.   The   tracks   are   much   more   modern than on "breeding death". This album catapulted the Swedes into the Death Metal Champions League. FORMAT cassette tape cat.-no: AR068 EAN: 4260070630682 TRACKLIST SIDE A: A1 - Cancer Of The Soul A2 - Brave New Hell A3 - Soul Evisceration A4 - Outnumbering The Day A5 - Feeding The Undead A6 - Eaten SIDE B: B1 - Bastard Son Of God B2 - Year Of The Cadaver Race B3 - The Ascension B4 - Draped In Disease B5 - Stillborn Saviour B6 - Blood Vortex RELEASEDATE 21st February 2017