FUNERAL WHORE - phantasm

DEATHCRIPTION FUNERAL   WHORE   hails   from   The   Netherlands   and   is   back   with   their   2nd   album   "phantasm".   A   brutal   old school   death   metal   masterpiece   you   don´t   see   often:   a   tribute   to   "phantasm",   a   horror   movie   from   the   80ies. Eleven tracks of brutal, shredding death metal, a nightmare from the abyss of all evil! "An   album,   relentless,   pure   and   evil   throughout   all   of   it's   11   murderous   tracks.   Fundamentalistic   roots   of   old school   death   metal   madness   hammering   your   soul   at   maximum   brutality.   A   concept   built   upon   the   cult classic    horror    'Phantasm'    and    reincarnated    by    the    members    of    Funeral    Whore.    THE    DEATH    METAL NIGHTMARE IS BACK FROM THE ABYSS OF ALL FUCKING EVIL! Make 'em get it!" (Funeral Whore) FORMAT Gatefold LP cat.-no: AR059 edition: 500 copies (300 black, 200 clear deep purple LPs) EAN: 4260070630590 TRACKLIST SIDE A: 01. Phantasm 02. Evil Manifestation 03. Reanimated 04. The Tall Man 05. Population None 06. The Graveyard Silence SIDE B: 01. When Life Turns To Ashes 02. Down The Abyss 03. Morningside Cemetery 04 Only The Coffins Remain 05. The Mortuary At Night RELEASEDATE 3rd October 2016