DEATHCRIPTION Old   Norwegian   legends   tell   "Mare"   is   a   female   devil   who   comes   at   night   to   sleeping   ones.   It   brings   them horror   and   leads to   states   of   anxiety   and   breathlessness.   Kampfar´s   5th   album   invites   you   to   a   journey   into this world of witches and nightmares.  Deluxe   reissue   of   "Mare",   Kampfar´s   masterpiece   from   2011,   a   cult   classic   of   true   Norwegian   Pagan   Black Metal   art.   Retaining   the   original   artwork,   together   with   Ask   Ty   /   KAMPFAR   we   created   an   extraordinary luxurious record with completely new layout, which means: - hot-foil stamping - UV-spot varnish - custom die-cut - inside printed gatefold cover  - liner notes by Ask / Kampfar - full colour inner sleeve with original cover and all lyrics - Bonus Track: Bergtatt (In D Major) - incl. high res woven patch FORMAT Gatefold LP cat.-no: AR078 edition: 100 copies ( 500 Pic-LPs, 300x black, 100x clear and 100 golden LPs) EAN: 4260070630781 TRACKLIST SIDE A: A1 Mare 6:25 A2 Ildstemmer 5:06 A3 Huldreland 5:20 A4 Bergtatt 5:29 A5 Volvevers 3:29 SIDE B: B1 Trolldomspakt 5:41 B2 Blitzwitch 6:17 B3 Nattgang 5:11 B4 Altergang 2:29 B5 Bergtatt (In D Major) 5:29 RELEASEDATE 5th October 2018