DESCRIPTION Fascinating, bewitching, expressive, magical, beautiful! In 1999 MILA MAR released a true ethno / world music pearl with the album "Nova". Hypnotic ambient sounds, combined with the dreamlike vocals of Anke Hachfeld (whose voice includes four octaves), let the listener dive deep into an acoustic dream world. "Nova" is a musical window to an unbelievably beautiful world full of peace and love, it allows an intoxicating view into paradise. Limited to 500 coloured 12" vinyl LPs in gatefold cover incl. liner notes. We have not limited ourselves to a single colour, each (!!!) record looks different, all colours and even marbling are possible. First 100 LPs incl. free woven patch. FORMAT Vinyl LP cat.-no: AR077SSR edition: 500 crandomly coloured LPs EAN: 4260070630774 TRACKLIST A1 - Nova A2 - Djanga A3 - H'm Ba A4 - Seratia B1 - Mila B2 - Tha B3 - Merdina B4 - Paya RELEASEDATE 11th April 2018