NAPALM DEATH "apex predator - easy meat"

DEATHCRIPTION Album number 15 by Napalm Death, the relentless pioneers of extreme grindcore art! “Apex Predator – Easy Meat“ is pure energy, pure anger, pure musical brutality that is neccessary to underline the intelligent lyrics. We will release this diverse and totally devastating listening experience as Picture-LP in a 350gr gatefold cover on January the 2nd 2019. FORMAT Gatefold Picture LP cat.-no: AR089 edition: 1000 copies EAN: 4260070630897 TRACKLIST SIDE A: APEX PREDATOR - EASY MEAT SMASH A SINGLE DIGIT METAPHORICALLY SCREW YOU HOW THE YEARS CONDEMN STUBBORN STAINS TIMELESS FLOGGING DEAR SLUM LANDLORD... CESSPITS SIDE B: BLOODLESS COUP BEYOND THE PALE STUNT YOUR GROWTH HIERARCHIES ONE-EYED ADVERSARIAL / COPULATING SNAKES CRITICAL GLUTTONOUS MASS RELEASEDATE 2nd January 2019