NAPALM DEATH - smear campaign

DEATHCRIPTION Album no. 14 already, and and still first class grindcore / death metal! Beginning with a slow industrial track, the album then turns into a ripping punishing deathgrind album. Sometimes "smear campaign" is even more extreme and brutal than "the code is red…", on the other hand it surprises with guest vocals by Anneke van Giersbergen (THE GATHERING) and clean vocals by Barney. Aggressive, furious, modern and pounding death metal / grindcore, that´s what "smear campaign" describes quite good. A great, violent and memorable Napalm Death release. FORMAT Gatefold Picture LP cat.-no: AR019 edition: 999 copies EAN: 4260070630194 cassette tape cat.-no: AR070 edition: 300 copies EAN: 4260070630705 TRACKLIST Side A: A1 - Weltschmerz A2 - Sink Fast, Let Go A3 - Fatalist A4 - Puritanical Punishment Beating A5 - When All Is Said And Done A6 - Freedom Is The Wage Of Sin A7 - In Deference Side B: B1 - Short-Lived B2 - Identity Crisis B3 - Shattered Existence B4 - Eyes Right Out B5 - Warped Beyond Logic B6 - Rabid Wolves (For Christ) B7 - Deaf And Dumbstruck (Intelligent Design) B8 - Persona Non Grata B9 - Smear Campaign RELEASEDATE Picture LP: 15th September 2007 cassette tape: 19th May 2017