NAPALM DEATH - the code is red ... long live the code

DEATHCRIPTION GRINDCORE. DEATH METAL. HARDCORE. DEATH METAL. CRUST. These are the ingredients for the typical merciless, but quite varied Napalm Death-style. The album "the code is red ... long live the code" from 2005 is no exception. It features guest appearances by Jello Biafra (ex- Dead Kennedys), Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed and Jeff Walker of Carcass. "The code is red ... long live the code" was recorded in the Foel Studios, Russ Russell acted as producer. Result: A murderous production that kills as if there were no tomorrow. If you love the late 80's / early 90's Napalm Death then get out there and buy this record! This is a limited edition of 500 Picture-LPs and 333 red / silver coloured vinyls with an awesome colour-in- colour effect. Both editions are housed in a gatefold cover with printed inner sleeve, both are refined with metallic silver print. FORMAT Gatefold Vinyl LP cat.-no: AR046 edition: 500 Pic-LPs / 333 red/silver LPs EAN: 4260070630460 cassette tape cat.-no: AR067 edition: 300 copies EAN: 4260070630675 TRACKLIST Side A: 01. Silence If Deafening 02. Right You Are 03. Diplomatic Immunity 04. The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code 05. Climate Controllers 06. Instruments Of Persuasion 07. The Great And The Good 08. Sold Short Side B: 09. All Hail The Grey Dawn 10. Vegetative State 11. Pay For The Privilege Of Breathing 12. Pledge Yourself To You 13. Striding Purposefully Backwards 14. Morale 15. Our Pain Is Their Power RELEASEDATE Vinyl LP: 19th August 2013 cassette tape: 21st February 2017