NAPALM DEATH - time waits for no slave

DEATHCRIPTION The next adrenaline shot made of Napalm Grind! What can we await when the originators of grindcore come back after "smear campaign"? Extreme music with intelligent and socially critical lyrics with the typical Napalm Death sound. What began in 1987 has become more aggression and got a better production with the result that "time waits for no slave" sounds like a mature version of "scum" blended with the best of raw, brutal death metal. To sum it up, "time waits for no slave" is not only one of the best grind monsters Napalm Death ever recorded, but also one of the best extreme metal albums in 2009. This is a limited edition of 500 Picture-LPs and 333 red / silver coloured vinyls with an awesome colour-in- colour effect. Both editions are housed in a gatefold cover with printed inner sleeve, both are refined with metallic silver print. We made two versions: a standart version with printed logo on the outer deluxe plastic sleeve with flap and a Die Hard collector's edition with completely re-designed cover layout. The picture LP has the same artwork for both versions. and both are housed in a 350g card board Gatefold cover. FORMAT Gatefold Picture LP cat.-no: AR033 edition: 799 Pic-LPs (standart edition) / 200 Pic- LPs (Die Hard collector's edition) EAN: 4260070630330 cassette tape cat.-no: AR069 edition: 300 copies EAN: 4260070630699 TRACKLIST Side A: A1 - Strong-Arm A2 - Diktat A3 - Work To Rule A4 - On The Brink Of Extinction A5 - Time Waits For No Slave A6 - Life And Limb A7 - Downbeat Clique Side B: B1 - Fallacy Dominion B2 - Passive Tense B3 - Larceny Of The Heart B4 - Procrastination On The Empty Vessel B5 - Feeling Redundant B6 - A No-Sided Argument B7 - De-Evolution Ad Nauseum RELEASEDATE Picture LP: 31st March 2011 cassette tape: 19th May 2017