12.06.2020 – out now:

AGATHOCLES „Anno 1994: The Order Of The Solar Temple Suicides“ (LP)

Here we have the third full 12″ LP album in the series of 8 albums with complete sessions which were made for various 7″ EP’s, recorded and released between 1990 and 2003. The recordings on this album were used for 7″ EP’s such as AGATHOCLES/ROT (Brazil) split 7″ EP, AGATHOCLES/PLASTIC GRAVE (Czech Republic) split 7″ EP, AGATHOCLES/CARCASS GRINDER (Japan) split 7″ EP and AGATHOCLES „Back to 1987″ full 7“ EP.

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12.06.2020 – now available:

AGATHOCLES „Anno 1993: The Branch Davidians Bloodbath“ (LP)

This is the second full 12″ LP album in the series of 8 albums with complete sessions which were made for various 7″ EPs, recorded and released between 1990 and 2003. The recordings you will hear on this album were used for split 7″ EPs with bands such as PATARENI (Croatia), MAN IS THE BASTARD (USA), AUDIORREA (Spain), SOCIAL GENOCIDE (Austria) and SMASH THE BRAIN (Japan). The song „is it really mine?“ was recorded for a benefit compilation 10″ LP .

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07.06.2020 – now available:

HATE „Auric Gates“ (tube scarf / multifunctional cloth)

This multifunctional cloth is an alternative to what you may be familiar with called Buff. It is produced from 100% polyester microfiber fabric with no stiches. This tube scarf can be used as bandana, scarf, skullcap, beret, balaklava, headband, armband, dust mask, windstopper and much more.

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HATE – Slavic Veles Merch

Slavic Veles concept drawings by Pachu Design for the next HATE Merch!

16.05.2020 – out now:

MASTER „let’s start a war“ (Digi CD)

Four years ago we released the vinyl and tape version of Master’s 2002 album „Let’s Start A War“. Here is the CD version as 6-panel Digipak. Pure fucking 80ies Retro-Thrash paired with some Death Metal. Follow your Master and let’s start a war against oppression of mankind!

– 6-panel Digipak with different artwork
– all lyrics and liner notes by Paul Speckmann
– three bonus songs taken from the „Follow Your Savior“ EP (2001)

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08.05.2020 – now available:

HATE „grand omega“ (face mask)

High quality black face mask with glossy black screen printing.

Three layers: single jersey – fleece – single jersey, 100% cotton, washable.

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08.05.2020 – now available:

KAMPFAR „Gandskjold“ (face mask)

High quality black face mask with glossy black screen printing. “Gandskjold” in Norwegian means a shield against malevolent sorcery.
Three layers: single jersey – fleece – single jersey, 100% cotton, washable.

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HATE „sovereign sanctity“ (official guitar playthrough)

The complete guitar platyhrough is on YouTube now. Dominik „Domin“ Prykiel playing „sovereign sanctity“ from HATE´s album „Auric Gates Of Veles“ (Metal Blade Records, 2019) .

Music and lyrics by ATF Sinner ak. Perun Varpulis7

29.04.2020 – now available:

KAMPFAR „Hemsedal“ (duffel bag)

natural colored duffel bag made of 100% cotton, heavy 220 g/m² quality (canvas)
content: approx. 20 liters (diameter: 24 cm, height: 44 cm)
with drawstring as a strap

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01.04.2020 – test pressings arrived:

AGATHOCLES „Anno 1993: The Branch Davidians Bloodbath“ (12″-LP)

Test pressings for the second of a total of eight full length Agathocles 12”LPs arrived. It contains the complete studiosession which was done at the SOUNDSHAPE studios in Arendonk, Belgium on 27th of November 1993. Five test pressings were made.

08.03.2020 – out now:

AGATHOCLES „Anno 1990: the Happy Land fire“ (12″-LP)

The first of a total of 8 AGATHOCLES LPs. It contains the complete recordings done on 28th October 1990. These songs were released on various split 7”EPs with bands such as M.O.M., BLOOD, NASUM, SMEGMA and PUTRID OFFAL. There´s also one song that that was put on the APOCALYPTIC CONVULSIONS compilation 10”, released by Charlie Infection, drummer from PSYCHO.

Limited to 300 pieces!

08.03.2020 – out now:

AGATHOCLES „mincecore since 1985“ (T-Shirt)

Black T-Shirt with discharge print on front and back side. High-quality single Jersey in heavy 190gr-quality. 100% cotton with reinforced neck band and double stitching on sleeves and waistband. The soft and even surface guarantees razor-sharp print results.


08.03.2020 – out now:

AGATHOCLES „mincecore since 1985“ (Hooded Zipper)

Black hooded zipper with print on front and back. Heavy 290 g/m² Quality, made of combed cotton, which is roughened inside.
For these jackets we use raw material from Starworld, an environmentally conscious brand that produces exclusively according to the specifications of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label.
The textiles are made of 100% organic cotton, which is grown without any addition of chemicals.


HATE merch store online

IT IS DONE! After countless weeks of work, the new official HATE MERCH STORE is launched and will gradually grow!!!

Check out for first-class quality merchandise. For our products only high quality raw material is used, which is printed or finished by experienced partners.

Premium merchandise, top service and fast worldwide shipping.

Blood - impulse to destroy (3-LP)

17.06.2019 – out now:

BLOOD „impulse to destroy – 30th anniversary“ (3-LP / Digi 3-CD / Cassette Tape)

After two years of planning, it is finally done. Animate Records is proud to release this milestone in a noble Triple-Gatefold 3-LP / Digi 3-CD and cassette tape edition, containing the original recordings, the remastered roughmix of the album (incl. the „recognize yourself“ EP), which was lost for 30 years, and a massive amount of unreleased rehearsal and live recordings, all partially restored and remastered. 86 songs from the years 1988-1989!!!


KAMPFAR merchandise webshop launched

Finally we can announce that we launched the new official webshop for our good friends of KAMPFAR. Lots of new items added, more will follow.

High quality merch, fair prices and fast service at

09.03.2019 – out now:

LEGION OF THE DAMNED „ravenous plague“ (cassette tape)

With „ravenous plague“ Dutch thrashers Legion of the Damned managed to get your blood flowing and swing your air guitar! Thrash metal might never going to be an innovative genre, but LOTD´s sixth album is the right sort of modern thrash metal thunder for all headbangers.

Audio cassette on chrome tape in a limited edition of 200 copies.

09.03.2019 – out now:

BELPHEGOR „goatreich fleshcult“ (cassette tape)

„Goatreich – Fleshcult“ by Austrian Belphegor is a blasphemic monster of extreme Death / Black Metal. It contains nine mind blowing powerful de-compositions of technical perfection. An album created to soil the crown of thorns with Christian blood!

Audio cassette on chrome tape in a limited edition of 200 copies.

19.02.2019 – out now:

AGATHOCLES / RESTOS HUMANOS „restos agathos“ (3 Inch Mini CD)

Finally the wait is over. Sorry for the huge delay with the CD version, but the pressing plant had massive trouble with a broken pressing machine.

Limited edition of 500 Mini-CDs in the cult 3 Inch format with 6-panel-folder.

02.01.2019 – out now:

NAPALM DEATH „apex predator – easy meat“ (Picture LP)

Album number 15 by Napalm Death, the relentless pioneers of extreme grindcore art! „Apex Predator – Easy Meat“ is pure energy, pure anger. This the musical brutality that is neccessary to underline the intelligent lyrics. Don´t miss this diverse and totally devastating listening experience as picture disc in a 350gr gatefold cover.