UNLEASHED - eastern blood - hail to Poland

DEATHCRIPTION Unleashed   have   been   stalwarts   of   the   Swedish   death   metal   scene   since   the   early   '90s,   with   plentiful   album releases   showcasing   a   basic   loud-fast-rules   death   metal   style   that   has   remained   largely   unchanged,   but always   potent.   They   debuted   in   1991   with   "Where   No   Life   Dwells",   following   it   with   1992's   "Shadows   in   the Deep",   1993's   "Across   the   Open   Sea",   the   "official   bootleg"   of   1994's   "Live   in   Vienna",   1995's   "Victory"   and another live album in 1996, wich was named "Eastern Blood - Hail to Poland". This   double   LP   -   highlight   of   old   school   rotten   death   -   contains   tracks   from   2   great   live   shows.   The   tracks   on LP   1   were   recorded   in   Katowice   (Poland)   during   their   "Victory"-Tour   1995.   LP   2   contains   songs   that   were recorded   1992   in   Cologne   (Germany)   after   the   release   of   "Shadows   in   the   Deep".   The   sound   is   quite   good   and gives   you   that   raw   and   aggressive   concert   feeling   of   that   time.   The   gatefold   cover   comes   in   ultra   black cardboard with partially metallized gold print. FORMAT Gatefold 2-LP cat.-no: AR035 edition: 566 black copies / 100 silver vinyl / 250 Picture-LPs EAN: 4260070630354 TRACKLIST LP 1 (Live in Katowice / Poland, November 24th 1995): SIDE A: 1. Execute Them All 2. The Immortals 3. Revenge 4. The Defender 5. In The Name Of God 6. Against The World SIDE B: 7. Victims Of War 8.S hadows In The Deep 9. Before The Creation Of Time 10. Berserk 11. Into Glory Ride LP 2 (Live in Cologne / Germany, April 24th 1992): SIDE C: 12. Dead Forever 13. If They Had Eyes 14. For They Shall Be Slain 15. Unleashed 16. The Immortals SIDE D: 17. The Dark One 18. Into Glory Ride 19. Shadows In The Deep 20. Violent Exstasy 21. Before The Creation Of Time RELEASEDATE  22nd August 2011