Eastern European Grind Crust Punk Power!!!

Two killer bands from East Europe unite their power for a great Split release.


JACK is a grindpunk band that has been active since 1996. Their music is a grindcore crossover, with influences of crust, punk, hardcore, grind and even some death metal, just imagine Ratos De Porao mixed with Terrorizer. Their brand new 5 tracks will kill your ears. For Terrorizer, Phobia or Magrudergrind fans.

NIYAZOV comes from Northern Serbia and was founded in 2004. With real Balkan power, they play fast crust hardcore punk and deliver four short noisy tracks to this split, with 2 singers and absolutly no compromises! Enjoy a quick overview of all the social injustice with Balkan dirtiest! For the Limp Wrist and Extreme Noise Terror fans.


  • black vinyl
  • cover folder with all lyrics
  • a co-production of Animate Rec., Hecatombe Rec., Give Praise Rec., GRF Rec., Grindhead Rec., No Name Rec. & The Grindcore Family


Side A:
 1 – Kettevagva
2 – Szonyeg Ala
3 – Szabaduloszoba
4 – Bezarva
5 – G.F.H

Side B:
1 – Hanged Blues Shirt
2 – Meatrix
3 – Opium For Masses
4 – Systemfuck


7″ EP

  • cat.-no: AR101
  • edition: 500 black copies
  • EAN: 4260070631016
  • release date: 25th August 2020
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