PROLETAR “depressive disorder” (LP + 7″ EP)

Established in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1999, PROLETAR still spreads the grind/crust virus. They have a long history and many releases from demo, full length, split, compilation and tribute.

Living in a cruel world, and especially what happening since 2020 is just muddying the situation. Lot of things of changed drastically because of the pandemic. The economic state and lack of direct socialization brought a lot of us to the worst situation.

Throught the upcoming album tittled „Depressive Disorder“ PROLETAR is shedding the fact of the current situation with their intensity and speedy songs. PROLETAR delivers 22 tracks of intense grindcore/crust with some gore/death and doom elements, coming up on vinyl in an edition of 300 LPs with a bonus 7″EP on top!

JUNGLE ROT “Dead And Buried” (LP)

„Dead and Buried“ was released in 2001. As on the previous album, there is old-school death metal with a pinch of thrash, which is mainly midtempo. Massacre or even old Cannibal Corpse send their regards. You won’t find much innovation or originality, what counts is a fat, heavy groove!

We´ll release a limited edition of 500 vinyls in gatefold cover with completely new artwork.

This album was never pressed on vinyl before!

NAPALM DEATH “Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism” (Pic-LP)

Album no. 16 (!) by British grindcore heroes Napalm Death from the year 2020. Founded ages ago, these guys are still as brutal as ever. „Throes of Joy…“ experiments with different sounds and styles such as punk, metal, industrial, experimental and combines it with pure Napalm Death grindcore.

We´re proud to release this jewel a limited edition of 1000 Picture Discs in gatefold cover.

AGATHOCLES “Bomb Brussels” (LP)

These recordings are something like a “Belgian Peel session”, a studio recording done for the Belgian national radio station done in April 1996. A few months later, the session was broadcasted.

Limited to 300 copies with completely new artwork. It contains an insert with all lyrics and very interesting liner notes: “Bomb Brussels”, what does that really mean?

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