GRAVE “As Rapture Comes” (Cassette Tape)

Uncompromising Swedish death metal of the very old school from 2006.

The 10 songs are full of wild rage, embedded in a raw and primitive sound. They shine with unbelievable brutality, not least due to the aggressive blast beats. The result is not one of the best death metal records of this year.

Limited edition of 300 copies!

JUNGLE ROT “Dead And Buried” (LP)

„Dead and Buried“ was released in 2001. As on the previous album, there is old-school death metal with a pinch of thrash, which is mainly midtempo. Massacre or even old Cannibal Corpse send their regards. You won’t find much innovation or originality, what counts is a fat, heavy groove!

We´ll release a limited edition of 500 vinyls in gatefold cover with completely new artwork.

This album was never pressed on vinyl before!

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