Anno 2003 - The Riyadh compound bombings


In 2020 was the 35th birthday of AGATHOCLES!!!

So what crazy things to do to make this year something special for this Mincecore anniversary? Jan/AGx had the idea to press a series of eight 12”LP’s, with on each record, the complete sessions of the countless 7”EPs that AGATHOCLES have recorded during a period of more than 3 decades.


Here we have the eighth and last full 12”LP album in the series of 8 albums with complete sessions which were made for various releases, recorded and released between 1990 and 2003. On this 12”LP, there are two recording sessions which were made in 2003.

The 11 songs on side A were previously released on the AGATHOCLES/SIVIILIMURHA (Finland) split 7”EP, AGATHOCLES/THE MAD THRASHERS (France) split 7”EP and   AGATHOCLES/BLOODRED BACTERIA (Germany) split 7”EP. 
The 11 songs on side B were previously released on the AGATHOCLES/KUOLEMA (Finland) split 7”EP, AGATHOCLES/FAT ASS FUCKERS (Belgium) split 7”EP, AGATHOCLES/THE USUAL SUSPECTS (Belgium) split 7”EP and AGATHOCLES/KADAVERFICKER (Germany) split 7”EP.

The covers of all 8 records of this series make up the complete triptych „The Garden of Earthly Delights“ by Hieronymus Bosch.


  • black vinyl
  • 350 gr cardboard cover
  • 2 pages info sheet with liner notes and all lyrics


Side A:
1 – Lord Of Armageddon
2 – Big Sick Business
3 – Frost Bitten Death
4 – Hit It Again
5 – Retardation
6 – Cruelty For Popularity
7 – The World Owes Them A Living
8 – Green Versus Green
9 – Nice Brand, Wrong Price
10 – Blue Twisted Rules
11 – Incarceration

Side B:
1 – What For?
2 – Dope, Dole, Dumb
3 – Your Standards
4 – Fist The Rapists
5 – Sack The GATT
6 – Cash And Traps
7 – Fucking Right (We’re Left)
8 – Last In, First Out
9 – Lowlife Scumbags
10 – Violence & Pure Hate (I Am)
11 – Water


12″ LP

  • cat.-no: AR105
  • edition: 300 black copies
  • EAN: 4260070631054
  • release date: 4th February 2021
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