out of respect for the dead


Grave reaffirms their position as luminaries in the death metal sphere

Emerging in 2015, Grave’s „Out of Respect for the Dead“ marks another chapter in the band’s legacy within the death metal realm. This album encapsulates a furious sonic landscape, revealing the band’s unyielding commitment to delivering an unrelenting and brutal musical experience.


The album kicks off with an unapologetic assault of aggressive riffs, thundering percussion, and savage vocals, a sonic bombardment that stays true to Grave’s established style. These nine tracks showcase the band’s trademark heaviness and relentless tempo, serving as pillars of their classic sound.

However, beyond the unbridled aggression lies Grave’s capacity for subtle nuances. Amidst the chaos, there are glimpses of haunting melodies and intricate musical elements, evidencing the band’s musical maturity and depth. The production is commendable, allowing each instrument to carve out its distinct presence amidst the dense layers of sound, all while retaining the primal essence inherent in death metal.

Lyrically, „Out of Respect for the Dead“ delves into the dark themes synonymous with the genre: mortality, introspection, and existential pondering. Grave’s lyrical narrative complements the unyielding intensity, adding layers of contemplation that resonate within the listener.

Throughout the album, Grave displays a tight-knit synergy and technical precision in their instrumentation, emphasizing their command over the raw energy of death metal. Each track showcases the band’s experience and expertise, forming a cohesive musical journey that captivates from beginning to end.

„Out of Respect for the Dead“ stands as a testament to Grave’s steadfast dedication to the core principles of death metal. It pays homage to the genre’s origins while displaying the band’s evolution as musicians. Followers of Grave and enthusiasts of unadulterated, aggressive metal will find this album a compelling addition, an aural statement of the band’s enduring commitment to crafting powerful, unyielding music.

With „Out of Respect for the Dead,“ Grave reaffirms their position as luminaries in the death metal sphere, delivering an album that’s weighty, foreboding, and unapologetically relentless — an affirmation of the band’s consistent ability to create uncompromising, impactful musical experiences.


  • cassette tape
  • limited to 300 pieces


Side A:
1 – Intro / Mass Grave Mass
2 – Flesh Before My Eyes
3 – Plain Pine Box
4 – Out Of Respect For The Dead
5 – The Ominous ‚They‘

Side B:
1 – Redeemed Through Hate
2 – Deified
3 – Trail Of Ungodly Trades
4 – Grotesque Glory


Cassette Tape

  • cat.-no: AR131
  • edition: 300 copies
  • EAN: 4260070631313
  • release date: 10/12/2023
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