Leaders Not Followers: Part 2

Napalm Death

The influences behind Napalm Death!

On „Leaders Not Followers: Part 2“ Napalm Death cover the ‚Who’s Who‘ of Punk, Hardcore, Crossover and Thrash of the extreme music of the 80s. The album kicks off with a bang, as Napalm Death delivers a crushing rendition of Cryptic Slaughter’s „Lowlife“. From there, the band continues to unleash their fury on tracks originally performed by influential bands such as Anti Cimex, Hellhammer, and Kreator, among others.


While the predecessor „Leaders Not Followers“ from 1999 was released as a 6-song EP with a playing time of less than 20 minutes, the successor now comes with 19 songs and a playing time of a good 43 minutes. Long forgotten gems are paid tribute to with a deliberately raw and thus authentic sound. Discharge, Anti Cimex, Cryptic Slaughter, Wehrmacht, Siege, Sepultra, Master…

What sets „Leaders Not Followers Part 2“ apart is Napalm Death’s ability to put their own stamp on these songs. They take the raw energy and aggression of the original tracks and inject them with their signature grindcore style. The result is a collection of songs that are both familiar and fresh, showcasing the band’s ability to pay homage while still making the songs their own.

Overall, „Leaders Not Followers Part 2“ is a powerful and exhilarating tribute album that showcases Napalm Death’s ability to take classic songs and make them their own. It is a must-listen for fans of both Napalm Death and the bands they pay homage to. This album serves as a reminder of the band’s musical influences and their continued impact on the extreme music scene.

Napalm Death are great as always even when covering.


  • cassette tape
  • limited to 300 pieces


Side A:
1 – Lowlife (Cryptic Slaughter cover) 02:22
2 – Face Down in the Dirt (The Offenders cover) 01:27
3 – Devastation (Devastation cover) 02:51
4 – Messiah (Hellhammer cover) 03:29
5 – Victims of a Bomb Raid (Anti-Cimex cover) 02:30
6 – Night of Pain (Part I) (Wehrmacht cover) 04:03
7 – War’s No Fairytale (Discharge cover) 01:18
8 – Conform (Siege cover) 01:58
9 – Master (Master cover) 02:23

Side B:
1 – Fire Death Fate (Insanity cover) 03:18
2 – Riot of Violence (Kreator cover) 04:40
3 – Game of the Arseholes (Anti-Cimex cover) 01:23
4 – Clangor of War (Massacre cover) 02:32
5 – Dope Fiend (Attitude Adjustment cover) 01:36
6 – I’m Tired (Die Kreuzen cover) 00:52
7 – Troops of Doom (Sepultura cover) 02:29
8 – Bedtime Story (Dayglo Abortions cover) 02:24
9 – Blind Justice (Agnostic Front cover) 01:06
10 – Hate, Fear and Power (Hirax cover) 00:28


Cassette Tape

  • cat.-no: AR125
  • edition: 300 copies
  • EAN: 4260070631252
  • release date: 14/09/2023
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