Napalm Death

Napalm Death at its best!

Napalm Death’s „Utilitarian“ (album no. 14!) is a relentless and powerful record that showcases the band’s signature grindcore sound. Released in 2012, this album is a testament to the band’s longevity and their ability to consistently deliver intense and thought-provoking music.


Intelligent grindcore, incredibly varied, powerful sound, aggresive, brutal and not weakening for a second. The wealth of ideas with which Napalm Death go to work is really outstanding. They grind on such a high level that it is a real pleasure, full marks!

Mark „Barney“ Greenway stated that he was quite proud of the that album, saying, „The thing you have to consider about Napalm Death is that no two albums sound the same, which is what makes this album unique. Whilst we stick to the same aggressive tone that fans are used to, we also have added other technical elements in it to make it stand out. It’s still a rock album, but it’s something we do to it to make it fresh.“

Overall, „Utilitarian“ is a relentless and politically charged album that showcases Napalm Death’s mastery of the grindcore genre. It is a must-listen for fans of extreme music and serves as a reminder of the band’s influential status in the metal scene.


  • cassette tape
  • limited to 300 pieces


Side A:
1 – Circumspect
2 – Errors In The Signals
3 – Everyday Pox
4 – Protection Racket
5 – The Wolf I Feed
6 – Quarantined
7 – Fall On Their Swords

Side B:
1 – Collision Course
2 – Orders Of Magnitude
3 – Think Tank Trials
4 – Blank Look About Face
5 – Leper Colony
6 – Nom De Guerre
7 – Analysis Paralysis
8 – Opposites Repellent
9 – A Gag Reflex


Cassette Tape

  • cat.-no: AR124
  • edition: 300 copies
  • EAN: 4260070631245
  • release date: 14/09/2023
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