depressive disorder



Indonesian grindcore legend PROLETAR returns with the full length album „Depressive Disorder“. This album contains 22 grindcore/crust tracks with gore/dirty death metal & doom elements that are heavy, angry and chaotic.


PROLETAR were formed in 1999 and have a long history and releases of demos, splits, full lengths, compilations and tributes. And „Depressive Disorder“ will grind your ears. A must listen!!!

We live in a cruel world and especially what is happening since 2020 is clouding the situation worldwide. Many things have changed drastically because of the pandemic. The economic situation and the lack of direct socialisation have put many of us in the worst situations. On the album „Depressive Disorder“ PROLETAR process the fact of the current situation with their merciless and brutally fast songs. PROLETAR deliver 22 tracks of intense grindcore/crust paired with gore/death and doom elements.

„Depressive Disorder“ is released as orange 12″ vinyl in an edition of 300 copies. As a bonus EP there will be a split EP with ENTRAILS MASSACRE with completely new cover artwork. The artwork of ENTRAILS MASSACRE has also been colour matched to the cover of the PROLETAR EP.


  • orange 12″ LP
  • bonus 7″ Split-EP with ENTRAILS MASSACRE
  • insert with lyrics


12″ LP:

Side A:
A1 – Janjikan Surga, Suguhkan Neraka
A2 – Martelaar
A3 – Kalkulasi Ekploitasi Konspirasi
A4 – Perang Eksistensi
A5 – Karmaphala
A6 – Teknologi Menghunus
A7 – Bentala Bernyawa
A8 – Dokumentasi Harga Diri
A9 – Hoax
A10 – Sinner’s Bleed
A11 – After All This Work Become to Nothing

Side B:
B1 – Muda yang Murka
B2 – State of Fear
B3 – Tragedi Mental Degenerasi Moral
B4 – It’s Never Over until It’s Over
B5 – Rotting Martyr
B6 – A Dismal Low Point of Time
B7 – Menantang Kutukan
B8 – Grinding Blast-phemy
B9 – Depresi Persisten
B10 – Menjaga Bara
B11 – Bungkam Suara

7″ EP:

Side A:
A1 – Entrails Massacre – Puzzle Person
A2 – Entrails Massacre – Worlds Collide
A3 – Entrails Massacre – Human Pancake
A4 – Entrails Massacre – I See Lies

Side B:
B1 – Proletar – Resistance
B2 – Proletar – Extremely Decay
B3 – Proletar – Agony
B4 – Proletar – Fuck Dog


12″ LP + 7″ EP

  • cat.-no: AR116
  • edition: 300 copies
  • EAN: 4260070631160
  • release date: 08/03/2023
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